UN World Heritage: Taj Mahal
Issued July 16, 2014
Six stamps and three Prestige Booklets
New York #1090-91 (49c, $1.15), Prestige Booklet 1092a-f
Geneva #582-83 (Fs1,40, Fs1,90), Prestige Booklet 584a-f
Vienna #546-47 (e0.90, e1.70), Prestige Booklet 548a-f

49c Single$3.00
49c Pair$3.50
49c Block$4.50
49c Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$5.00
$1.15 Single$3.80
$1.15 Pair$5.25
$1.15 Block$7.75
$1.15 Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$8.25
Combination Cover with both New York Stamps$4.75
Fs 1,40 Single$4.30
Fs 1,40 Pair$6.35
Fs 1,40 Block$9.75
Fs 1,40 Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$10.25
Fs 1,90 Single$5.00
Fs 1,90 Pair$7.45
Fs 1,90 Block$12.50
Fs 1,90 Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$13.00
Combination Cover with both Geneva Stamps$6.75
e0.90 Single$4.00
e0.90 Pair$5.75
e0.90 Block$8.75
e0.90 Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$9.25
e1.70 Single$5.25
e1.70 Pair$8.25
e1.70 Block$13.75
e1.70 Margin Inscription Block on #10 env.$14.25
Combination Cover with both Vienna Stamps$6.75
Combination Cover with All 6 Stamps on #10 env.$12.50
$9.96 Prestige Booklet set of 6 panes on #10 envs.$25.00
Fs9,60 Prestige Booklet set of 6 panes on #10 envs.$26.00
e8.40 Prestige Booklet set of 6 panes on #10 envs.$27.00

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