(49c) Civil War: 1865
Two designs in a double-sided souvenir sheet of 12
Issued April 9, 2015

Two First Day postmarks - both from Appomattox, VA
"Five Forks" postmark shows crossed pistols
"Appomattox" postmark shows Federal Eagle

#4980 - Five Forks
#4981 - Appomattox Court House

Set of 2 Singles$6.00
Set of 2 DCP Singles$10.00
Se-tenant Pair with Five Forks postmark$3.75
Se-tenant Pair with Appomattox postmark$3.75
Se-tenant Pair with Five Forks Digital Color Postmark$6.00
Se-tenant Pair with Appomattox Digital Color Postmark$6.00
Souvenir Sheet Side 1 with 2 stamps on XL env.$7.50
Souvenir Sheet Side 2 with 10 stamps on XL env.$11.25

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